Friday, February 14, 2014

Tips to Target Brain Health

We hear it all the time, "Studies show exercise is good for your health," but did you know that exercising your brain regularly is good too? Well it is, and it can be fun, entertaining and a lot less sweaty!

Here are a few tips to target your brain health, development and sharpness. Get those sweat pants and headbands on because we’re going to "brain-er-cise!"

             Snack on almonds and blueberries instead of a candy bar.

These snacks are packed full of Omega-3s, antioxidants and also help to lower blood sugar.

Put walnuts on your salads instead of crunchy croutons.
Not only are walnuts chock-full of Omega-3s, studies have shown that they make your mood better, calming brain inflammation that can lead to brain-cell death. Walnuts also help to replace melatonin in the brain, which is needed for healthy brain function!

            Go for a walk.
Walking for just 20 minutes a day can help lower blood sugar. Doing so promotes good blood circulation throughout the brain, which in turn, helps you think more clearly.

            Try something you’re not good at.

Challenge yourself in a brain activity you're not used to. For instance, try a game like Sudoku if you aren’t regularly involved with numbers. Or, if you work with numbers every day, try drawing. Even doodling helps activate both sides of your brain.

            Open your eyes! 
This may seem a little odd, but we promise it is great at stimulating your neural and spatial centers of the brain! Follow these steps:
1. Look straightforward at a focal point.
2. Without looking away from your focal point, try identifying different objects in the room using your peripherals.
3. Make it fun by asking someone to add objects to your peripheral for you to identify!

           Listen for the details.
As you listen to a friend tell a story, try to pick out the little changes in their voice and pay attention to the small facts you may not typically hear. This helps to activate many areas of your brain at once and helps to build memory.

            Take a breather.
Meditating for a short period of time every day helps to reduce stress. Did you know that stress actually hurts your memory? Meditation also helps reduce “focus-stealing” feelings such as depression and anxiety.

There are many ways to promote healthy brain function, growth and stimulation! Remember, your brain needs just as much exercise as the rest of your body.

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Happy brain-er-cising!


  1. I agree. As a daughter of an Alzheimer's patient, I would encourage all to share this page and spread the word. Resources are so needed! And education, too :)

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