Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Longest Day: Best Ideas for a Great Day

The Longest Day, on June 21st, enlists teams from all over Central Ohio to work from sunrise to sunset, honoring the strength, heart, and endurance of those facing Alzheimer's disease. It's the perfect way to celebrate the summer solstice, have fun with family and friends, and advocate for the end of Alzheimer’s! There are a few things you might be curious about before you decide to get onboard and we're here to clear up any questions you might have! And once you get started, we're here to inspire you!

Here are a few of our best ideas on how you can spend The Longest Day in style:

1. Father's Day Cookout: Grab a few of your neighborhood friends and host a Father’s Day Cookout, complete with BBQ, outdoor games, and plenty of sunshine! Invite family and friends to come and go as they please … But we’re guessing they’ll want to stay for the fun! You can also host competitive challenges to help fundraise to move the Alzheimer’s mission forward.

2. Artist's Retreat: For those of us with creativity running through our veins, try grabbing some friends for a all-day painting or sculpting extravaganza. The inspiration will be like electricity in the air!

3. Jam It Out: Host The Longest Day jam session by inviting local musicians to play at an outdoor venue that the whole community can enjoy. Ahhh! Music to our ears!

It's up to you! Let your creativity and passion take over, but tart planning now! The Longest Day is almost here!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Forget Me Not Days: May 16 and 17

It's true what they say! April showers bring May flowers ... But this May, your generosity brings those pretty little petals we call "Forget-Me-Not's". As we enter into the hottest months of summer, we're hoping to plant a few seeds of our own!

Look for volunteers sprouting up on your local street corners. They're collecting donations to help fight Alzheimer's disease during Bankers Life and Casualty Company's Forget Me Not Days. And as thanks for your donation, you'll receive Forget-Me-Not flower seeds to plant in honor of the more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer's.

Don't have a green thumb? Plant a virtual Forget-Me-Not!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Central Ohio Alzheimer’s Association Rallies for the End of Alzheimer’s Disease on The Longest Day

This Solstice Marks the Beginning of Summer and the End of Alzheimer's

The Central Ohio Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association and supporters across Ohio will participate in a nationwide event on June 21 to advocate for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease as well as their families and caregivers. This event is called The Longest Day and is a team event to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer's Association. Held annually on the summer solstice, the duration of this sunrise-to-sunset event symbolizes the challenging journey of those living with the disease and their caregivers. Participants are encouraged to create their own experience by spending the day with like-minded individuals participating in one favorite activity of a loved one affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

On June 21, from sunrise to sunset, teams throughout the nation will participate in the Alzheimer’s Association’s The Longest Day in order to advocate for the end of Alzheimer’s disease. By simply gathering a group of friends and family and choosing an activity that best allows them to honor those living with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers, participants have the ability to start a movement in their own backyard. This grassroots advocacy is what helps to distinguish this unique event from others. In addition to participating in the event, each team is asked to fundraise money, which will go directly towards research, treatment, and supporting families in need. With coaching, tools, and resources, teams will be able to reach their fundraising goals and help to end Alzheimer’s by relying on a support network that stretches across the nation.

“The Longest Day is the perfect opportunity for Ohioans to advocate for the end of Alzheimer’s while educating their friends, families, and neighbors about the harrowing effects of this disease,” says Vince McGrail, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association of Central Ohio. “The summer solstice, being the longest day of the year, allows those not directly impacted by the disease to better understand just what a challenging journey it is for those who are.”

The Alzheimer’s Association offers a variety of family and clinical support, education, advocacy and resources on behalf of Alzheimer’s patients and their families living throughout 14 counties in Central Ohio. They work closely with both patients and caregivers to maintain the highest quality of life for everyone involved. Today, with more than 5 million living with Alzheimer’s disease, it is the sixth leading cause of death. Events like The Longest Day are crucial to the organization’s success, advocating for the health and safety of the community and a world without Alzheimer’s disease. Join The Longest Day initiative by forming a team, fundraising, and advocating for the Alzheimer’s Association. Learn more about The Longest Day and register at

Monday, May 11, 2015

Stand Up and Help

This spring, find your voice. It’s the perfect time! Each day is an opportunity to wake up with hope, to take on each challenge with courage, and to remember to do small things with great love.

As you begin to spring clean the clutter from your closets, we challenge you to do one thing. Just one ... Are you on board? Yes?

We’re trusting you nodded in response to that last inquiry. Great! Here’s your challenge this spring: Clear the cobwebs and stereotypes about Alzheimer’s disease from your mind and watch the Alzheimer’s Association’s 2015 Facts and Figures video. It’s full of amazing statistics that just might inspire enough people to take a stand. Whether you choose to share it via Facebook or Twitter or by Pinning on Pinterest, know that this simple act could lead to something profound ... ultimately, the end of Alzheimer’s disease!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Celebrate Mother's Day with Us!

On May 10, we'll celebrate Mother's Day and, for those living with Alzheimer's, it can be a day filled to the brim with unspoken words and forgotten memories. In honor of all of our mother’s past and present who have suffered from this disease, we invite you to #remember.

Share with us on Facebook what makes your mother so special! Whether through a sweet photo or a little anecdote, just tag your post with #remember and our community will soon swell the love that Alzheimer’s disease could never diminish. And don’t forget to check out our special memory app!

This Mother's Day do a little big thing ... And become and advocate. We're fiercely loyal to this cause and we hope you are too! See you on May 10!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Come Check Out First Fridays!

If you’re a warrior in this fight to #EndALZ, you’ll want to attend our First Friday lecture today. If you’re a pure foodie, you’ll need to.

Join us today from 11:30 AM to 1 PM at the Worthington United Methodist Church for some culinary comfort food! Former Executive Chef and Vitas Hospice Volunteer George Mrus will be there to give us the low down on top nutrition! Learn more about George Mrus and get involved!

It’s a true gift to have so many resources at our fingertips. Take advantage of this First Friday and feed your mind and your appetite! Don’t forget to share our First Friday calendar with someone you love. We’re sure they’ll be just as excited about it as we are!