Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Longest Day: Best Ideas for a Great Day

The Longest Day, on June 21st, enlists teams from all over Central Ohio to work from sunrise to sunset, honoring the strength, heart, and endurance of those facing Alzheimer's disease. It's the perfect way to celebrate the summer solstice, have fun with family and friends, and advocate for the end of Alzheimer’s! There are a few things you might be curious about before you decide to get onboard and we're here to clear up any questions you might have! And once you get started, we're here to inspire you!

Here are a few of our best ideas on how you can spend The Longest Day in style:

1. Father's Day Cookout: Grab a few of your neighborhood friends and host a Father’s Day Cookout, complete with BBQ, outdoor games, and plenty of sunshine! Invite family and friends to come and go as they please … But we’re guessing they’ll want to stay for the fun! You can also host competitive challenges to help fundraise to move the Alzheimer’s mission forward.

2. Artist's Retreat: For those of us with creativity running through our veins, try grabbing some friends for a all-day painting or sculpting extravaganza. The inspiration will be like electricity in the air!

3. Jam It Out: Host The Longest Day jam session by inviting local musicians to play at an outdoor venue that the whole community can enjoy. Ahhh! Music to our ears!

It's up to you! Let your creativity and passion take over, but tart planning now! The Longest Day is almost here!

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