Monday, May 11, 2015

Stand Up and Help

This spring, find your voice. It’s the perfect time! Each day is an opportunity to wake up with hope, to take on each challenge with courage, and to remember to do small things with great love.

As you begin to spring clean the clutter from your closets, we challenge you to do one thing. Just one ... Are you on board? Yes?

We’re trusting you nodded in response to that last inquiry. Great! Here’s your challenge this spring: Clear the cobwebs and stereotypes about Alzheimer’s disease from your mind and watch the Alzheimer’s Association’s 2015 Facts and Figures video. It’s full of amazing statistics that just might inspire enough people to take a stand. Whether you choose to share it via Facebook or Twitter or by Pinning on Pinterest, know that this simple act could lead to something profound ... ultimately, the end of Alzheimer’s disease!

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