Monday, April 20, 2015

3 Tips To Help This April

April brings with it so many opportunities to get out there and help move the cause forward. In our fight to #EndALZ, how will you choose to act this month?

1. Learn to love Fridays (even more!) First Fridays, that is. Have you marked your calendar for May 1? That's when our next First Friday series is happening ... and it's a session you won't want to miss! Can comfort food pack nutrition too? You bet! Join us for lunch with former executive chef George Mrus, bring your loved one along, and ... ah. Take a breath. Learn more here.

2. Experience The ... Longest ... Day. We're excited about celebrating The Longest Day this year with our entire Alzheimer's community! For caregivers, every day can be a very long day. Walk a day in their shoes, doing something you LOVE from sun up to sun down. You'll raise money along the way, gain a better understanding of Alzheimer's Disease and how it affects caregivers AND honor your loved ones! Check it out.

3. Celebrate National Volunteer Month! April brings spring showers, flowers, sunshine, fresh air ... and a whole lot of opportunities to make a difference by volunteering! It's National Volunteer Month, and we want YOU! We're always looking for passionate volunteers to help in so many ways. Want to learn more? We're waiting for your call!

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