Friday, April 10, 2015

Get Ready for Memory Day

It's almost Memory Day, friends! This year on April 15th, passionate Ohioans like you will raise their voices to advocate for the end of Alzheimer’s disease. Will you contribute yours?

Isn’t it time that better programs and services for people with dementia be put into place? Isn’t it time that funding for sate-supported services increase? Isn’t it time that improvements in quality of care for those receiving long-term care services come to pass? Of course it is!

Your voice matters. You will have the opportunity on Memory Day to reach state elected officials and ask them to produce real policy change. Your involvement is part of a movement to change the way your government and the public addresses the Alzheimer’s epidemic … and it is an epidemic. RSVP today!

Can’t make it on April 15th? Learn how you can join the fight to #EndALZ!

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